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Abuse Awareness

Powerpoint Presentation

Abuse happens. Children are not the only victims, and not all abuse is sexual. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and you don’t have to face these issues alone. Here’s a 10 minute presentation providing an introduction to Abuse Awareness.

How do I make my church safe?

Ten Ways to make your church a safer place

Faith formation happens best in a nurturing context of healthy relationships. Although no ministry is risk-free, there are action steps that can minimize harmful risks and prevent abuse.

Setting up a Local Church Safe Ministry Team

How to Get Started

One of the best ways for your church to address the issue of abuse is to set up a Local Church Safe Ministry Team. BC Safe Church has set up a format and guidelines for these teams and provides resources for their operation.

Safe Church Team Resources

Additional Resources

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Safe Church Ministry

BC Ministry of Children & Family

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The British Columbia Safe Church Team (SCT) is a BC Classis Partner helping build and sustain healthy congregations. We are a ministry of the Christian Reformed Churches (CRC) in British Columbia – Classis BCNW and Classis BCSE. We exist to respond to the issue of physical, sexual, emotional, and abuse related concerns through preventative education and appropriate responding procedures.