related to being a Safe Church is currently underway in the BC Christian Reformed Churches


The purpose of the MNA is to explore ways in which the Safe Church Team can best serve the needs of the churches. To achieve this, it is essential that we have input from the leaders of each ministry, including church councils, to help determine how the Classis SCT can effectively educate, support and work with the ministry leaders. 

The SCT is seeking a broad range of responses that help provide a picture of the needs of each individual church.  Each church’s participation in the MNA will help guide the work of the SCT & the new APRC in the coming years as they support the important work the churches are doing.


SCT representatives will meet with each church, they will work through a specific set of questions, and the SCT executive will compile the responses.  In this way a general picture of the SCT work as well as particular details pertaining to each congregation will emerge.


The intent is to bring together for 90 minute meeting:

  1. Church Staff
  2. Church Council.
  3. All leaders/volunteers of ministries that involve children, youth, young adults & vulnerable persons such as those withThis would include nursery team leaders, volunteers in Sunday school, Gems, Cadets, youth ministries, leaders that accompany mission’s trips, young adults, Friendship ministries etc…  The importance of participation of all the leaders involved in these ministries cannot be stressed enough.  Through their responses a picture will emerge that will help indicate where the needs lie in terms of being a safe church. Each individual leader will be able to participate as we walk through the questions.


Why come together to focus on your church being a safe place?

  1. Provides a great opportunity for further discussion of this important subject that is foundational to important work done in and through the church and ongoing faith
  2. Promotes a message of unity on the issue and working at this together.
  3. Provides an opportunity for volunteers to give their
  4. Participation and presence of council members gives a strong message of support to the ministry leaders/staff/Church councils are responsible for all that takes place within the programs connected to their church.  Their role is paramount as responders and decision makers regarding any abuse related incident. 
  5. As overseers of ministries, the role of church staff is integral to the ongoing process of being a safe church.
  6. Provides the church with an overview of their safe church related needs and how the SCT and the Abuse Prevention and Response Coordinator can support the important work being done in andchurch’s ministries.    

STRUCTURE of Ministry Needs Assessment

The CRC mandate adopted by classis for the Safe Church Team is:

  1. Educationprovide educational opportunities for churches regarding issues surrounding abuse.
  2. Support:  help churches provide compassionate support for those who struggle with abuse.
  3. Advisory Panel Process: offer a fact finding and listening panel in cases of allegations of abuse against a church leader.

The focus is on the SCT mandate through a series of specific questions clustered around the top

8 GOALS FOR SAFE CHURCHES derived from the 3 fold mandate.

 These 8 goals are:

  1. That every church has a council appointed representative on the Classis Safe Church Team.
  2. That every church has a Safe Ministry Practices team at the local level.
  3. That every church has written and implemented their own Safe Church Policy.
  4. That every church regularly accesses training for their staff, leaders and volunteers.
  5. That every church leader is actively committed to safe church practices within their area of ministry.
  6. That every church uses a Safe Church curriculum specifically designed to train, guide, and empower children & youth with regard to their personal
  7. That every church has become a place in which everyone feels that she/he can raise issues of abuse without fear or shame.
  8. That every church council has knowledge of, and follows approved protocols for, responding to allegations of church leader misconduct.

Goals 1-6 are derived from the Education mandate, goal seven from the Support mandate and goal eight from the Advisory Panel mandate



The SCT requests that your church choose a date and time for your MNA to take place.  SCT representatives will accommodate your timetable and be present to facilitate the process.  

QUESTIONS related to conducting this MNA, and to schedule your church’s date, can be directed to SCT Abuse Prevention and Response Coordinator Faye Martin. Press Here to contact Fay for more info.